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Infrastructure as a service


Google Cloud Platform

Re-platforming the back-end infrastructure of a popular and fast growing counter-to-counter parcel delivery service from its original legacy on-premise hosting solution to a modern, serverless cloud-hosted back-end so that it can continue to scale at it’s current rapid pace.

The Challenge

Our client PEP Stores approached us to help them manage the growth of their fast-growing Paxi counter-to-counter parcel delivery service. As the cheapest courier service in the country Paxi is experiencing hyper growth due to the rise of e-commerce and small entrepreneurs working from home during the pandemic. The Paxi back-end was originally developed using traditional on-premise server architecture, but due to the fast growth of the service this legacy back-end has been struggling to keep up.

The Solution

After analysing the requirements of the service and the capabilities of the in-house team, we recommended migration to a Serverless Architecture on the Google Cloud Platform as PEP have standardised on Google as their technology platform provider.

With this platform architecture the service will be able to scale out and in to meet massive surges in traffic while saving on significant cost when demand is low.

The in-house development team will be able to focus on architecting and building very sophisticated software, having been freed from having to worry about the many issues and limitations that come with a traditional on-premise solution.

The solution is very secure as best practices are made clear and are easy to implement using all of the provided foundational technologies.

Migration can also be made very practical, and done in stages by migrating the existing on-premise solution into the cloud, using all of the existing traditional patterns. Once this stage is complete, the port to the new serverless architecture is done incrementally, piece by piece to ensure no disruptions to the existing service.

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