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A native Android payment app built in Kotlin for one of Russia’s largest retailers.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading European mobile app design and development agency, needed to add senior Android development capacity to their team due to their lead Android developers being engaged on another project.  The timeframes were urgent and a high degree of skill was required at short notice.

The Solution

After a selection process we were chosen as the lead developers of the Android payment app for the project.  We slotted in effortlessly into the agile sprints, working as part of a large, diverse team in 4 different countries, time-zones and languages (English, Dutch and Russian) and soon became a key part of the senior development team delivering the project under tight timelines.  This included the mentoring and supervision of junior developers on the project.

Some of the key technical challenges that we helped solve included:

  • Interfacing securely and directly with the partner bank using Time Based One Time Pins (TOTP) and Asymmetric Encryption. Complexity was amplified because all of the documentation was in Russian
  • Due to tight timelines, the project had to be run with dual track design and development sprints operating in parallel, requiring a high level of adaptability and agility from the development team 
  • Continuous alignment was also required between the iOS and Android development teams  to ensure both versions maintained the same development state
  • Google Pay integration for NFC payments was particularly complex
  • Securely locking down the virtual credit card which formed part of the payment solution was complex and required a pin to prevent unauthorised access as well as the encryption of all card related information securely on the device

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