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We craft robust, scaleable mobile apps and digital platforms that your users will love and make you money.

Flat Rock Solutions is an independent, entrepreneurial full service software development business that strives to bring together deep technology expertise, design and business skills to craft digital products and services that customers and users want, are commercially sustainable and work…all the time.

Founded in 2011 we service enterprises, design agencies and startups globally from our base in Cape Town, South Africa.

Featured Services

Innovation as a Service

A strategic partner to help you evaluate, test, design, develop and scale digital product innovations across the full product lifecycle.

Development as a Service

Whether you’re a startup, an established corporate or a design agency we can add development and engineering capacity to your team.

Digital Solution Consulting

An independent partner to help you choose the best of breed global platforms that meet your technology needs.

Scalable Infrastructure as a Service

Stop putting out fires because of technical debt. Let us help you migrate to modern serverless cloud architecture.

Your customers don’t care about your solution but about achieving their desired outcomes. If you continuously focus your efforts on removing the obstacles standing in the way of your customer’s desired outcomes, you systematically build a repeatable and scalable customer factory. You win.

Ash Maurya, The Customer Factory Manifesto

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